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STEPHEN L. DEFELICE, M.D. is a well respected and accomplished doctor who has dedicated his life to discovering and bringing new therapies to patients in need. He played a critical role in bringing lithium to the United States. He is the founder and Chairman of FIM, the Foundation for Innovation in Medicine, a nonprofit organization established in 1976. FIM is committed to accelerating medical discovery by establishing a more productive clinical research studies community.

Through his experiences, Dr. DeFelice has made another, non-medical, disturbing diagnosis � one that may seem unconventional for a man of his accomplishments. In his new book THE ATTACK ON THE WHITE MALE AND THE WEAKENING OF AMERICA (Authorhouse; Hardcover; $15.95; June 2010) Dr. DeFelice contends and illustrates a devastating attack on white males which has led to the dangerous deterioration of the strength of America.

In today's politically correct society it is difficult to be intellectually honest without being labeled a racist, bigot or misogynist when supporting the modern white male. Dr. DeFelice is none of these. Rather, he unabashedly speaks about what so many others think but are leery to discuss for fear of retribution. For those quick to label Dr. DeFelice any of the above, he says, "I have been an admirer of the successful civil rights and feminists movements."

In this uniquely discerning and straight forward book Dr. DeFelice, analyzing signs and symptoms of what's going on in America, covers a broad range of subjects such as:

DMS: The Demasculinization Syndrome
America Then And Now
What is Right and What is Wrong? What is Moral and What is Ethical?
God and Religion
What's Life Really About?
The Power of the Orgasm
Where Do You Go From Here?

Dr. DeFelice believes there are many forces that contribute to the attack on the white male and weakening of America including technology, loss of patriotism and even marketers as was evident in last year's man-bashing Super Bowl commercials.

For the white male and the country to get back on track and equally compete and thrive Dr. DeFelice urges white males to organize and get back into the competition before it's too late. According to DeFelice, "The black and feminist leaders have been master marketers and I take my hat off to them. In order for the white male to change the course of any movement that has been embedded in our culture, three things are required � money, leadership and organization to advance their message. Nothing will happen unless there is brilliant marketing on a national level to bring about change."

If you would be interested in speaking with Dr. DeFelice or have plans to review THE ATTACK ON THE WHITE MALE AND THE WEAKENING OF AMERICA please let me know.

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